4442 Ridge Ave Vote

Letter to Civic Board
Do we send the following letter to the Civic Board:
96% (26 votes): Yes, I vote this letter be sent.
– 4% (1 vote): 
Suggestions are all around follow on actions we plan on taking as an RCO
We are pleased to share the results of the Philadelphia RCO (registered community organization) East Falls Forward’s vote and recommendation regarding 4442 Ridge Avenue. East Falls Forward, in a straight democratic vote of membership, voted as referenced above to acknowledge How Properties commitment to working with the community and garnering and adhering to feedback, including a meeting with and presentation to RCO East Falls Forward membership.
We are hopeful that the evolution of the design of the building will continue with additional feedback, and expect that How Properties will continue its good faith efforts to rally support through consistent and transparent communication with the East Falls RCOs Membership.
Thank you for your consideration and service.
Civic Design Review Board Application Link

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