2019 August Variance Vote

From the applicant: “We have a zoning application in process due to the replacement 3 athletic field scoreboards (baseball, soccer, and softball) on our campus with the new Jefferson branding, and also for the final signage on our new Kay and Harold Ronson Health and Applied Science Center building (on Henry Ave near School House Lane), which is just finishing construction.

The scoreboards are slightly different size, but remain in the same locations. (GOOGLE MAP DOC HERE) They are standard collegiate size from Daktronics, the dimensions of which have changed since the original signs were put in years ago.  Nothing we would consider significant, but they will naturally look different, and since their dimensions changed, it tripped the variance requirement and generated a refusal from the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA).

Regarding the signage on the Ronson Building, the larger size of the sign and the fact that it includes LED backlighting triggered a refusal (LED signage falls under the category of an animated sign). We believe the sign is far different from animated signage for several reasons.

These are LED signs naturally intended to be seen, but not to cast light. The end wall Jefferson shield is a total of 150 watts of LED. The Henry Ave.  Jefferson / Ronson sign has the Shield lit with 100 watts and then the subsequent letters ranging from 21 to 5 watts per letter. We believe these are respectful signs in keeping with our campus lighting. The building is sustainable, and is committed to LEED silver and is actually tracking towards LEED gold.

We are in the process of appeal and would like the input of the neighborhood RCOs to present to the ZBA for our hearing this Thursday, 8/14.”

Click the following links for more info on the JeffU presentation and the RCO/neighbor notification letter.

Resulting Vote is: